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Click on a picture to bring up a big page, then print it out and color!


Bird Word Search puzzles

Updated 1-13-06

Click on the puzzle to bring up the big one and print it out. Find all the bird names!

Want to see the solution? Click on the link below the puzzle.

Note: the puzzles are in the pdf format and will download to your computer. You need the Acrobat Reader software from Adobe to open them, but you probably already have it. If not, click here and you can get it for free. But ASK YOUR PARENTS FIRST before downloading anything.

Puzzle 1 (pretty easy)

puzzle 1


Puzzle 2 (a little harder)

puzzle 2


More fun stuff

Birds at the National Zoo -- games, quizzes and more coloring

Download the WILD TIMES magazine from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (in pdf format)

Ranger Rick's Go Wild pages at the National Wildlife Federation

Birds at Enchanted Learning -- lots of educational and fun activities like crafts, jokes, and more coloring; check out Zoom Bird's All About Birds pages

Ask your parents first, then download the Wetlands Coloring Book from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. (In pdf format) It has lots of neat info on birds and animals of the wetlands, like ponds, streams, swamps, and rivers.


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